Year Calendar 2024

NAE Fellows and Young Engineers play an important role in elaborating our strategic themes. Through Program Committees, they collectively determine the annual work program reflected in our yearly calendar.


In 2024, NAE organizes Forum Meetings around the following topics:

February 8 – Introductions to energy transition and AI in robotics and mechatronics
April 11 – Systems engineering in agricultural transition
June 12 – Universities 4.0 (Next generation universities)
September 12 – Energy transition – systemic view
November 14 – Innovation conference
12 december – AI in engineering

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The Advice Program Committee is preparing the following recommendations:

Bias in AI – attention to errors, causality versus association
Maintenance of crucial physical infrastructure works – opportunities for robotics? An international perspective. Een internationaal perspectief.
Engineering Talent – Focus to be determined
Energy 2050 – vision on governance of the energy transition
Interpretation of international publications (Euro CASE, CAETS) into the Dutch context.

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The Pivot Program Committee is preparing the following activities:

Innovating Engineering (with ADL, TNO-ESI, KIVI, IVA)
Academic Startup Competition
Participation in Teknowlogy 2024
TBD: Tech transfer, Valorisation, Regulatory barriers, Talent development for engineers and tech-entrepreneurs development for engineers and tech-entrepreneurs

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