NAE Year Report 2023

The Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE) proudly presents its 2023 annual report to you.

For NAE, 2023 was primarily a year of establishment and intensive collaborations that laid a solid foundation for the future of NAE. In our pursuit of an environment where responsible, inclusive, and impactful engineering-based innovations are effectively realized, these efforts also contribute to the earning capacity of the Netherlands.

The world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. It is essential to strengthen the connections between science, technology, and innovation policies to initiate systemic changes for addressing major societal transitions.

We must focus on those areas where the Netherlands can become one of the very best in Europe and worldwide. This is crucial for creating economically viable solutions for societal transitions and maintaining our earning capacity. Excellence in engineering-based innovation and the associated industry is crucial.

2023 is also the year in which we appointed our first cohort of Fellows. From the outset, they have been committed to NAE activities through our program committees, working alongside the Young Engineers and the staff of the NAE office.

I invite you to read the annual report as an invitation to think and act with us.

Henk van Houten
Chairperson of NAE